Episode 12 - Remember

Episode 12 – Remember

 The group has a difficult time molding to a new lifestyle, forcing them to consider whether they can be the people they once were.

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Episode 11 - The Distance

Episode 11 – The Distance

After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.

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Episode 10 - Them

Episode 10 – Them

The group feels beaten after living life on the road, but must continue to trudge along in spite of the changes they have incurred.

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Episode 9 – What Happened and What’s Going On

Rick and the rest of the survivors struggle to endure their conditions day to day after the events at the hospital.

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Episode 8 – Coda

Rick tries to find a peaceful resolution between enemies, who disregard both rules and moral codes.

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Episode 7 – Crossed

The group find themselves divided, as some members stand guard at the church and some head out on a rescue mission.

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Episode 6 – Consumed

Members of the group go on a heroic rescue mission.

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Episode 2 - Strangers

Episode 5 – Self Help

The promo begins with Abraham driving the bus to Washington D.C. “The mission hasn’t changed, we can’t go back” we hear him say. Moments later he tells another character “We’re at war, and retreat means we lose.” As he is talking (or rather shouting) we watch him and the others make their way onward. By […]

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Episode 5 - Self Help

Episode 4 – Slabtown

Things look nice and safe, but there is a dark side for another small group of survivors.

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Episode 7 - Crossed

Episode 3 – Four Walls and a Roof

Rick and the rest of the group find themselves going up against some nasty people.

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